Geophysics in Shoreham 16th-17th March 2019

A limited number of WKAS members helped both Saturday and Sunday continuing a resistivity survey in Shoreham. The first red and white surveying pole marks the probable location of a small Roman bathhouse and the many mole hills show evidence of a building including 4 tessera. This is some 100m away from the river where evidence of a Roman building eroded in the bank and visible in the river bed was seen in 1948 and the second surveying pole is pictured here again with the smaller amount of evidence is seen in the mole hills here too.There is also some pictures of a collapsed bridge just 50m upstream which some people have considered the site of an earlier Roman bridge. Hopefully the results may help to solve these puzzles. DSC07196DSC07197DSC07198DSC07199DSC07200DSC07201DSC07203DSC07205DSC07206DSC07207DSC07208DSC07209DSC07210DSC07211DSC07212DSC07213DSC07214DSC07215DSC07216DSC07217DSC07218DSC07219DSC07220DSC07221DSC07222DSC07223DSC07224DSC07225DSC07227DSC07229DSC07230DSC07232DSC07233DSC07234DSC07236DSC07237DSC07238DSC07239DSC07240